Five Basic Marathon Training Tips

The following covers some basic tips for marathon training.

1. Consider your fitness level. Obtain an understanding of your current condition before you begin to create your training plan. A detailed self-assessment includes determining your strengths, weaknesses, types of runs you prefer, and previous personal records, if applicable.

2. Engage in dynamic workouts. Static stretches and warmups do not provide the appropriate pre-workout needed before running, and may even negatively impact your performance. Engage in dynamic workouts to prepare the body for running, activate the nervous system, and increase range of motion.

3. Set simple but flexible goals. Avoid setting too many goals for yourself, particularly hard ones that place too many demands on your mental and physical state. Set healthy expectations, and consider focusing on a single goal, such as finishing the marathon or beating a personal best.

4. Don’t neglect recovery time. Make sure you include recovery time in your training schedule to give your body a rest and prevent overexerting yourself. Pushing your limits can result in lingering fatigue, a drop in performance, and even physical injury.

5. Wear the right gear. Invest in a good pair of running shoes and the right kind of socks before you start training. Consider getting your feet fitted at a pro running store, and avoid wearing old running shoes. You will also need a good pair of socks to avoid blisters. In addition, pay attention to the weather forecast, and dress appropriately.

About the Author:

Kevin Colvin
Jessica and Kevin Colvin

A director in the global-market sales and trading division of Cantor Fitzgerald, Kevin Colvin is an active participant in fitness fundraising across New York. Fitness fundraising activities in which Kevin Colvin is involved include marathons and triathlons, which can require considerable physical training due to the demanding distances and exertion.


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