Ace in the Hole Foundation Supports Marine Tankers and Their Families

Kevin Colvin

Kevin Colvin is the director of global market sales and trading at Cantor Fitzgerald, an equity investment company in New York City. Community focused, Kevin Colvin supports the nonprofit Ace in the Hole Foundation, which was created to honor the sacrifice embodied by US Marine Corps First Lieutenant Michael LiCalzi, who lost his life in May of 2006 while serving in Iraq.

Ace in the Hole provides support to Marine tankers, with an emphasis on the 2nd Marine Division 2nd Tank Battalion. In tandem with the Marine Corps Tankers Association, the foundation’s support extends to family members of armed service personnel through the First Lieutenant Michael LiCalzi Scholarship. This unique scholarship focuses on children, grandchildren, and those under the guardianship of past and present Marine Corps Tank Unit members.

A key fundraising pathway is the annual Lido West Beach Run that takes place each May and also serves as a gathering for Marines who served together in Iraq. Numerous corporate sponsors of the run amplify the impact of individual donors. Over the past nine years, more than half a million dollars has been disbursed through the Ace in the Hole Foundation.


The Ace in the Hole Foundation – Serving Military Families

A nonprofit organization, the Ace in the Hole Foundation was founded in honor of First Lieutenant Michael LiCalzi, who died while serving his country during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006. The organization provides financial and material support to individuals in need, whether through direct distribution of funds or through donations to charitable organizations.

Another way the Ace in the Hole Foundation gives to the community is through the 1st Lt Michael LiCalzi Scholarship. To be eligible, applicants must be a child, grandchild, or another dependent of a current, retired, reserve, or honorably discharged Marine Corps Tanker. The organization also considers applicants who are Navy Corpsman or Marines serving in a Marine Corps Tank Unit.

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About the Author:

Kevin Colvin

A former associate of structured credit sales and trading at Odeon Capital Group, Kevin Colvin is a director within the global markets sales and trading division of Cantor Fitzgerald. Outside of work, Kevin Colvin contributes to the Ace in the Hole Foundation.